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2005 (top)

Light on 56, line 1 30.1    30.6    55.6    56.1    Balkin    line pathway    opposites    testytest quotation    Williamson, Marianne

I Ching Community Discussion Forum: The exact same response twice in a row

Help Joan Bunning

I Ching Landscape


Sometimes It’s Peaceful

Yi on withdrawal from Iraq

Stephen Karcher webinar update

I Ching and business

Hexagram 15 and Josh Hinds?

ICC: One Minute Millionaire 24.2.5 to 60.

ICC: How do I apply the principles of the Yijing to this one???

Hexagram 38, line 1 and Sai Weng

Webinar news

I Ching questions for the 26th

A kinder I Ching?

ICC: Light on the Dark Bird

Ancient China – The British Museum

ICC: Hexagrams 23 and 24, and spiritual hierarchy

Chameleon Book

Chinese artefacts in the British Museum

Hexagram 23 and computer calamities

Hexagram 45, line 1 and computer chaos

What is it about this oracle?

mashica I Ching

Selected Yijing papers

A talk in the garden – conversations between Kan and Coyote

Stephen Karcher webinar: progress report on the recording

Pari Center Library

Things to know before getting an I Ching reading

Repeated questions rant

China: The Warring States Period

Stephen Karcher webinar recording and transcript available

I’m away

Yi playing ball

Embodying the Sphere of Change

ICC: Depends on the version that you use

Translation or interpretation?

A novel view of hexagram 29, line 4

I’m (more or less) back

Yi blog riches

ICC: Cradles

More Yi blogging

Yijing Dao – ‘The Original I Ching Oracle’ by Rudolf Ritsema and Shantena Augusto Sabbadini

‘Favourable to have somewhere to go’

‘Favourable to have somewhere to go’ in hexagram 24

The CD is ready!

Brad Hatcher’s Yijing translation

ICC : Spiritual hierarchy

Yi on quantum mechanics?

Being, doing, having – and questions for the I Ching

Yijing Wondering and Wandering available from Amazon UK

I Ching questions of ‘doing’ or ‘being’

Quick news bulletin

Wanderer’s Vessel: a reading

Allan Lian on hexagram 18

Hexagram 36 as a Daoist strategy

Staying at line 3

Is this the Wrong Question? (dead link corrections: one two)

Using a reading template

The banner of qian – from Harmen

Use of the I Ching in the Analytic Setting

Why you might want to review your I Ching readings

Easy ways to get into the reviewing habit

The non-people of Hexagram 12

Divination in sub-Saharan Africa

I Ching Community : Hexagram 57 ~ What’s it all about?

So the tarot has a sense of humour, too!

Chu Hsi and Divination

Richard Kunst’s Yijing dissertation

I Ching Community: Yes – No answers (dead link correction)

Fathers and sons in Yijing

Seeing the great person

Coming soon…

Hexagram 32 and Laozi

Trigrams in the Sequence of Hexagrams

A simpler take on ‘pattern of change’ hexagrams

Ritsema and Sabbadini: The Original I Ching Oracle

I Ching Community: What is a Universal Truth

More trigrams in the sequence (hexagrams 6, 7 and 8)

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2013 (top)

2014 (top)

2015 (top)

Hexagram 63, Already Across (a beginning)

Hexagram 63 continued

Clarity in 2015

Hexagram 44, insect bites and nuclears

Foundations for confident readings

‘3 coin casting’ video

I don’t know the first thing about the Yi

Rethinking the Well

Lars Bo Christensen, Book of Changes

More on hexagram 44

Hexagram 40, Release

Consulting under the sky

News from Clarity

Myth and legend in hexagrams

Some ways Yi doesn’t answer your question

Yi and decisions: a cautionary tale

Review: Stephen Field, The Duke of Zhou Changes

Change Circle changes & the Yijing Foundations Course

The elusive hexagram 57

Hexagram 57 in readings

A Hidden Pattern in the Sequence of hexagrams

Hexagram 57 in the Sequence

Using the Sequence in readings

Using the Sequence in readings, part 2

This means something

I just want to know if it’s going to happen

‘Language of Change’ Yijing glossary

A shared dao of 21 and 48

The elusively simple Hexagram 1

Yuan heng li zhen

Theme and variations

Contrasts of Hexagram 6

Where readings happen

Giving readings more space

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2017 (top)


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2020 (top)

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30.1 (top)

Light on 56, line 1

30.6 (top)

Light on 56, line 1

55.6 (top)

Light on 56, line 1

56.1 (top)

Light on 56, line 1

Balkin (top)

Light on 56, line 1

line pathway (top)

Light on 56, line 1


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quotation (top)

Light on 56, line 1

Williamson, Marianne (top)

Light on 56, line 1